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Since 1997 the Accord Iluminação is meeting the needs of its customers through quality products and contemporary design.

In the begining ACCORD manufactured fine customized furniture by applying the most modern woodworking techniques. In 2005 it showed all the know-how acquired so far to harmonize wood and light, thus resulting ACCORD Iluminação, a fact that made it national reference in the making up of decorative luminaires with wood trim, contemporary design and style.

By lighting, transforming, creating harmonious and welcoming ambiences makes the ACCORD iluminação's luminaires desired by lighting and decoration professionals of the field.

The use of ACCORD Iluminação luminaires in decor shows is frequent, and they are present in regional and national shows like: Casa Cor Show in several Brazilian states, Abraccio Show, Espaço Época Show, Artefacto Show, Morar Mais Por Menos Show, Decora Lider Show  among others, besides being present in scenarios of soap operas of the main Brazilian television networks.

Its carpentry work is FAMILY TRADITION, and these luminaires are designed with love, care and dedication, so that in addition to a design and quality product the end consumer can feel good energy in each product produced by the ACCORD Iluminação team.

Meet the needs of people with quality products and contemporary design, creating value for shareholders, employees and customers, respecting the environment in which it operates.

Be a national and international performance reference in the decorative lighting industry for the excellence of its products through the continued empowerment of people, innovation and practices of social responsibility; creating feeling of pride for all involved.

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